Friday, December 12, 2008

Every year as Christmas is fast approaching in the Philippines, everyone gets excited. As early as the month of September radio stations start playing Christmas songs, TV stations and news channels start the countdown for Christmas. As it is getting close, say by November, families start planning what to cook and where to spend their time during that holiday. Christmas is obviously is an immense occasion in the Philippines. I, too have fond memories of Christmas season when I was a child.
Even now, I still have fascination over Christmas trees. Christmas has always been associated with gifts, food and fun.

But there is another side of the coin, since spending is inevitable during this season. Crime rate goes up, number of robbery cases is high. Everyone wants to have lots of money to spend. In most cases, the entire 13th month pay and Christmas bonus will be spent to buy gifts and food and used-up on trips to other places and fun parks, and if in case you have a dozen of inaanak, you can't avoid spending too much for them. And by January, when everybody is back to work, nothing is left in your pocket. Many people will over eat, drink in excess , and they end up being sick. Then comes New Year, in which 6 days after the extravagant spending, the same process of overspending and laxity is repeated.

Christmas hype is all over in the Philippines. It is sad to know that many people don't realize the harm this season brings. If there is one who
will benefit so much on Christmas, it is the commercial companies that make too much profit out of this holiday season. They are the ones making hypes out of Christmas.

There is nothing Christian about Christmas. It was a pagan tradition during the Winter Solstice, which was eventually adopted by the Catholic Church.
Despite being modern, Filipinos often act like the ancient Romans and Celts who indulged themselves in certain festivities and whose attitude about tomorrow was “come what may.”

I am not saying that Christmas in general is bad, but I think everything should be in moderation, and the church should not claim it as a religious festival. I was even thinking of putting up a big, new Christmas tree in my house next Christmas! And don't you ever think I should not receive a gift or a Christmas bonus!

anyway, MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!