Sunday, June 05, 2005

Last April was quite an exciting month for me, why? because I went for a vacation with my family in Tablas, Romblon, a place that I haven't visited for almost 18 years! FYI, Tablas is an island adjacent to Mindoro and Batangas and only 12 hours from Manila, it's a separate island from Romblon, Romblon and it's surrounded by beautiful beaches mostly white sand and rich in marine life. It's just 2 hours to Boracay from there. I spent the last two years of my highschool life there and after 18 years of absence the place didn't change much. I have many fond memories of the place but it's sad to learn that there wasn't much improvement except the concrete road. But not much livelihood except for fishing and rice and crops planting. Many of the people find ways to improve their lives by marrying foreigners who visit Boracay, that way, they can buy parcels of land, fishing boats, and build big houses and resort, those who were unlucky to marry foreigners go to Manila to work as maids and laborers. Some of the sea corals are damaged and some endagered species like whale shark are being killed. When we were there one whale shark was reported caught in the net and killed by fisherman. Tourism could be a good industry in that place, but I'm not seeing initiatives by the local government.

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rmacapobre said...

> whale sharks

is it the killing in itself or the endangered population that bothers people?

i dont see anything wrong with hunting fish for food as long as its responsible (meaning there will be some left for tomorrow).

rmacapobre said...

> Christians always equate morality to religion

[max] .. those muslim terrorists who murdered in the name of allah were as or maybe even more religious.

DearestWarrior said...

Which place in Tablas Island did you went?

Looc, Tablas Island is very memorable to me. I live there for almost a year.