Sunday, February 05, 2006

With what happened to ULTRA today, I just can't help making comments about it. I always despise watching noontime shows, especially the one that promotes mendicacy, like Wowowee. ABS-CBN uses this kind of shows to increase their rating while taking advantage of the ignorance and poverty of the masses. A lot of people went there to get prices hoping it can help them ease a bit of their poverty. Many poor Filipinos believe in luck and easy money, thanks to the Catholic church and other religious orgs promoting mendicacy and help of god through luck, his creation ended up killing each other. As Willie Revillame puts it, "I went to church and thank God for using me to bring happiness to the people". At the end of his statement he said "but I don't know why this happened".

Relatives of the victims should not just rely on promises of burial help of ABS-CBN and its pretty people sharing their grief, they should file a case and put an end to this kind of shows.


Anonymous said...

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lateralus said...

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do you really think there's an impetus to spread atheism?

rmacapobre said...

"I went to church and thank God for using me to bring happiness to the people".

he should put the same effort of blaming god for making him an instrument of death ...